The 2018 NYC Marathon is in the Books.

Quite a day and quite an experience today running the 2018 NYC Marathon! After leaving our AirBNB in Brooklyn this morning around 7 AM, I had to catch an 8 AM ferry to Staten Island and then wait in line for another 30+ minutes to get to the starting corals by 10:45. My Fitbit had close to four miles on it before I started the race!

The race went smoother than expected since my foot has been acting up. My feet were really bothering me around mile 13, but after some modifications I was able to get back on track. Frankly, they kind of went numb a little after that which may not be great long term, but I’ll take it. I was much slower than I was expecting four weeks ago, but much faster than I was expecting after my foot injury. So, I’ll take it.

Again, thank you to everyone for the support! I had supporters in person that I didn’t expect and have been getting texts and phone calls all day in support. Again, thanks to everyone who donated to the American Liver Foundation for this cause, it was very much appreciated.